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SB Research Insights: Consumer Intentions and Actions around Sustainable Lifestyles

For the last hundred-plus years, brands have been key drivers of culture and associated social norms through their media influence, visibility on-shelf, and omnipresence in consumers' day-to-day life, affording companies the opportunity and responsibility to drive more sustainable solutions. At the same time, brands need to provide goods and services that appeal most to consumers in order to succeed.

This webinar will use the latest data from the SB Socio-Cultural Trends research, conducted by Sustainable Brands in partnership with Ipsos, to share insights on the changing drivers and behaviors of consumers at the intersection of brands and sustainable living. Results reveal evolving attitudes related to environmental and social justice issues, consumer intentions and actions toward adopting sustainable lifestyles, and opportunities for brands to engage in the way consumers are looking for.

Join us and learn:

  • Barriers to consumer engagement in sustainable behaviors that brands can help break down
  • Insights about the differing attitudes and sustainable behaviors by generational group, with a closer look at Gen Z
  • How you can generate similar insights and set benchmarks around how consumers perceive your brand as one that takes action on environmental and societal issues

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