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SB'18 Vancouver

A Formula to Build Business Success and Empower your Consumers as Brand Ambassadors

Access to food, clean water, shelter and safety are the most basic of human rights. Yet despite government aid, non-profits and volunteer work, billions of people around the planet still struggle to gain access to these fundamental needs on a daily basis. Though most of us are desperate to fix these issues and make the world a better place, on an individual level, facing challenges of this magnitude often renders even the most well intended members of society seemingly powerless to enact meaningful and lasting social change. The TangoTab model leverages Social Consumerism and technology in a for-profit business structure to build a sustainable solution for hunger, while addressing a significant business problem. Hear from CEO Andre Angel on how this innovative business model supports all forms of sustainable food sourcing -- from farming to urban gardens, and food logistics to bring higher quality nutrition to those in need.

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Release Date
Jun 7, 2018
Last Updated
Sep 16, 2020
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Andre Angel
Andre Angel
Founder & CEO at Tangotab