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Avoiding Contradictions between Branding, CSO and Government Affairs

Join us for a candid conversation with Elizabeth Doty, Director of the Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce at the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan, and a Top Thought Leader in Trust; and Bill Weihl, former head of sustainability at Facebook and Google. We will explore the personal integrity challenges faced by CSOs, CMOs, and other staff in confronting potential contradictions in their firms’ activities; and the internal and external influence skills needed to help their organization sustain integrity, trust, and impact.

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Release Date
Feb 23, 2021
Last Updated
Mar 3, 2021
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Bill Weihl
Bill Weihl
Founder & Executive Director at ClimateVoice
Elizabeth Doty
Elizabeth Doty
Director, Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce at Erb Institute