SB'20 Just Brands

Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Procurement as Levers for Far-Reaching Change

This panel will discuss how to make the most of supply chain management, purchasing and procurement as allies in the fight against discrimination and inequality. Speakers will help companies understand how to think about integrated approaches – ones that focus not only on meeting quotas, but also on higher-order targets around capital allocation, partner training and development, advocacy and more.

Kris Oswold, VP of Global Supplier Diversity, UPS Jessica Rosman, VP of Procurement, Caesars Entertainment Phillip Clawson, Managing Director, CSR Lab Antwanye Ford, President & Chief Executive Officer, Enlightened, Inc.

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Aug 18, 2020
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Sep 23, 2020
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Kris Oswold
Kris Oswold
VP of Global Supplier Diversity at UPS
Jessica Medeirosman
Jessica Medeirosman
VP of Procurement at Caesars Entertainment
Antwanye Ford
Antwanye Ford
President & CEO at Enlightened, Inc