SB'21 San Diego

Day 1-A4: How an Iconic Brand’s Core Values Have Shaped Its Journey

The great Fritjof Capra once said that if one follows the rivers of all of our crises upstream, one meets a crisis of consciousness, a crisis of perception – a crisis of how we see ourselves and our role on this living planet. In this immersive and heart-felt talk, Rick Ridgeway will harness that lens to frame the origin story of Patagonia’s core values and how they have informed the company’s decision-making on every level and at every step of the way. This keynote will set the tone for one of the main objectives of this event – to help us re-examine how we see ourselves and the roles of our organizations in all systems we’re part of.

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Oct 27, 2021
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Nov 3, 2021
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Rick Ridgeway
Writer and Conservationist, Patagonia