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SB'21 San Diego

Day 2-B2A5: Straightforward Social Impact Measurement Any Company Can Use

Many frameworks and tools for social impact measurement exist, however ironically the most sophisticated ones tend to enjoy the lowest levels of adoption by companies – often because they are perceived as daunting or overwhelming by business executives unsure of where exactly to start. Responding to a quest for simple-to-use straightforward frameworks is the main driver behind the content of this session. Panelists will explore two frameworks that fit the bill and are able to satisfy a wide range of needs between them.

Session ID SB21-FLAG-B2A5

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Release Date
Nov 4, 2021
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Nov 9, 2021
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Thomas Lyon
Thomas Lyon
Professor, The Erb Institute, University of Michigan
Terry Nelidov
Terry Nelidov
Managing Director, The Erb Institute, University of Michigan
Tiffani Jarnigan
Tiffani Jarnigan
Manager, ESG Process and Innovation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Rebecca Shelby
Rebecca Shelby
Manager of Social Sustainability, Ford Motor Company