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Kickstarting Your Road to Regeneration. Module 3: Goal Setting and Measuring Outcomes

SB Professional Development Series - Kickstarting Your Road to Regeneration is a primer designed to help you make progress on your road to regenerative business and includes presentations, reports, and other resources to inspire, activate, and transform business into a force for good. In this four-part series, we have curated presentations and resources to help kickstart your regenerative journey.

In this module, we explore topics around goal setting, measuring, and reporting. Knowing where to begin with science-based goals, standards, and reporting can be daunting, especially as standards are continuously evolving. We have assembled key discussions on how to develop a shared vision for ESG goals and progress, as well as examples of goal setting and science-based measurement around both environmental and social impacts. Whether your organization is just getting started or has a more mature ESG program, you’ll be introduced to frameworks and innovations that can help you get to the next level:

Publication Date
May 24, 2022