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Responding to the Climate Crisis: How Philip Morris International is Reducing its Carbon Footprint

Overview: Earlier this year, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced its intention to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its factories by 2030 and committed to zero net deforestation in its supply chain. Discussing the company’s commitments, Laurence Ruffieux, Director Operations Sustainability, and Jens Rupp, Head of Environmental Sustainability, will be joined by Nadine Flack of CDP and Dan O'Brien from PwC Canada to share how PMI is already on its way toward reaching the goal.

What You Will Learn: In this webinar, attendees will be presented with these takeaways:

  • Hear how PMI is supporting the Paris Agreement and playing its part in addressing climate change by achieving carbon neutrality in all our factories by 2030 and committing to zero net deforestation in its supply chain.
  • Learn about PMI’s carbon footprint and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its tobacco supply chain.
  • Gain insights into PMI’s strategy and approach to reducing its carbon footprint, including how the company:Is focusing on reducing energy consumption through improvements in the energy efficiency of our processes, loss elimination, and switching to renewable energy; Works with CDP and PwC to create internal buy-in and drive change; and Is creating impact already with an in-depth look at how PMI optimized a factory in Lithuania to achieve carbon neutrality.
Publication Date
Dec 16, 2019
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