The Restorative 20s: Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business

This webinar will define, in practical business-friendly terms, what regeneration is, why it's critically important for the decade ahead, why it's on the rise at the moment and how it can be a win-win-win if done right. Speakers will provide a summary of the most essential principles of regenerative business and then dive into case studies already applying said principles in product innovation and supply chain management.

What you will learn

  • What regenerative business means, how it works in practice and what its relationship is to sustainability and sustainable business.
  • What industries regeneration is applicable to, and what company sizes are in a position to make the most use of it.
  • How to apply principles of regenerative business with respect to not only natural capital, but also social and human capital.
  • How to make the case for and communicate the benefits of regenerative practices to company leaders, suppliers, employees, consumers, and other stakeholders.
  • How to plan and measure company performance around regenerative product innovation, operations and supply chain management.