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The State of Anti-Corruption in the Supply Chain: Highlights of the EcoVadis Study on 20,000 Companies

Corruption is an elusive demon that touches businesses in a wide range of sectors in the supply chain. For example, payoffs through a relatively small travel agency in China brought a 400 billion FCPA fine on a world leading pharmaceutical company. Corruption is also correlated with other risks such as human trafficking. With regulations and enforcement getting tighter, risks and liability are rising -- along with the blood pressure of procurement managers. What sectors are most at risk, and how are they performing? Which countries are the hotspots, and how are businesses managing in those locations compared to others? EcoVadis' team of analysts cracked open our database to look into the level of quality of the anti-corruption management system of 20,000 companies worldwide, who are all trading partners of major international groups.

What You Will Learn:

  • What sectors are most prone to corruption
  • Which countries have the highest risks
  • How businesses are managing in order to reduce and eliminate corruption throughout the supply chain
Publication Date
Feb 20, 2019
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