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Starting a Net Positive Journey to Get The Future You Want

Join us for a Net Positive lunch to learn from trailblazers across sectors that are collaborating on a Net Positive journey. Capgemini is working with a community of high impact organizations that share a commitment to accelerate action, using Net Positive thinking to get the future we, and the generations to come, deserve - a regenerative and sustainable future, together!   As part of our discussion, members of our Net Positive community will share stories of projects, lessons learned and results from putting Net Positive ideas to action. We hope to excite the imagination of others who want to join this journey with us. Given the urgency in the world, we will share what we mean by building a soulful foundation for a Net Positive organization, as well as what we believe needs to be done  to align the soul, purpose and actions of an organization to achieve Net Positive results and impact. We are excited to welcome you to this conversation and extend an invitation to those with passion and interest to join us for a deeper-dive workshop this afternoon.

Publication Date
Oct 18, 2022