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The Power of Public-Private Partnerships: Sharing Lessons Learned for Future Success

With public-private partnerships being a powerful force to uplift communities, strengthen supply chains and accelerate sustainable development, sectors must work together to do good while also doing well. In a world where CSR, ESG and Shared Value become increasingly relevant, the impact public-private partnerships play globally has never been more powerful. The U.S. Agency for International Development invites you to hear examples of challenges faced and overcome while partnering, and ultimately, the recipe for collaborative success. Session participants will walk away with invaluable insight, reflection, a renewed passion for public-private partnerships and hopefully, multiple new connections!

Key Takeaways -Find unique opportunities that the right partnerships provide in meeting goals and improving results, relevance and resources for your company. -Learn the multiple ways to amplify your efforts by investing the time, buy-in and trust in each strategic relationship -Understanding the importance of local context to achieving long lasting, scalable results in a global world

Publication Date
Oct 17, 2023